Our studio and philosophy

Emma is a Sydney-based artist educator with a deep and seemingly predestined passion for childhood creativity and its significant benefits (for the entire family)

We were founded in 2014 and have been located in Sydney ever since. In 2014 Emma had her first child. She explored options for creative outlets with a focus on infant and child cognitive development & parenting techniques, unable to find exactly what she had envisioned, she designed a artistic program that focused on young brains and child-parent connection. Based on her experience as a Psychology graduate, early childhood worker, Art therapist, mother and life-long artist; Emma's workshops and program will transform family life.


At The Art Pie, we work hard to help cultivate the inner artist bursting out of the kids that visit our studio and are passionate about generating an environment of free play and free spirits for all who attend. We want to create a space in which families feel relaxed and time is plentiful. We are very dedicated to our clients and families and provide age-appropriate activities and tools necessary for them to practice and develop a sense of autonomy, mastery and personal growth in their art and play. 

We offer workshops, classes, creative events and, of course, how famous Art Parties; each designed to inspire and enhance every child's creative spark and individual learning and artistic style. 

Grow into creativity not out of it...

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Tel: 0416 234 434 |

email: emma@theartpie.com